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CInSt Research Seminars

Regular CInSt research seminars are held on Thursdays. During these seminars CInSt researchers or their foreign colleagues present and discuss their finished or prepared for publication papers.

Moderators: Leonid Polishchuk, Elena Podkolzina and Maria Yudkevich
Coordinator: Bernardo Pincheira


17.12.20Carmine GuerrieroEndogenous Property Rights and the Nature of the FirmAbstractFull text Video
10.12.20Martina Magli Productivity Distribution and Firms' Rank, the Role of ServicesAbstract  Video
03.12.20Jonathan ChapmanExtension of the Franchise and Government Expenditure on Public Goods: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century England.AbstractFull text Video
26.11.20Mikhail DrugovHunting for the discouragement effect in contestsAbstractFull text Video
19.11.20Silvia GriseldaCan the Format of Questions Explain the Gender Gap in Mathematics?AbstractFull text Video
12.11.20Andrey TkachenkoCompetitive effect of vertical integration in auctionsAbstract  Video
05.11.20Samin ArefBrain drain and brain gain in Russia: analyzing international mobility of researchers by discipline using Scopus bibliometric data 1996-2020Abstract Full text Video
29.10.20Bjoern Brey The long-run gains from the early adoption of electricityAbstract Full text  Presentation Video
22.10.20Armenak AntinyanCancer screening invitations in the developing worldAbstract  PresentationVideo
08.10.20Gayane VardanyanReturn Migration Decisions: Evidence from Irish Mass Migration at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Abstract  Presentation Video
01.10.20Saumitra JhaSwords into Bank Shares: Financial Solutions to the Threat of Political Violence Abstract  Presentation Video
24.09.20Sergey PopovArithmetics of Research SpecializationAbstract  Presentation Video
04.06.20Jorge García- HombradosThe effects of communist indoctrination: Evidence from two educational reforms in PolandAbstract


28.05.20Maria Padilla-RomoWhen Crime Comes to the Neighborhood: Short-Term Shocks to Student Cognition and Secondary ConsequencesAbstract   
21.05.20Israel MarquesEncouraging Skill Development: Evidence from Public-Private Partnerships in Education in Russia’s RegionsAbstractFull paper  
14.05.20Adrian NietoTelevision and the Labour Supply: Evidence from the Digital Television Transition in the UKAbstractFull paper Presentation 
23.04.20Riccardo CamboniBidding on price and quality: An experiment on the complexity of scoring auctionsAbstractFull paper  
16.04.20Francisco CabreraIntergenerational Childcare. How Grandchildren Affect Female Labour Supply?AbstractFull paper   
19.03.20Natalia MatveevaScientific Collaboration in Russian Universities before and after the Excellence Initiative Project 5-100Abstract Presentation  
12.03.20Elena PodkolzinaCorrupt Reserve PricesAbstractFull text  
27.02.20Anna PanovaDoes Government Support of Few Leading Universities Have an Impact on the Whole Higher Education System? Evidence from Russian University Excellence InitiativeAbstractFull text  
20.02.20Marta Troya-MartinezInstitutions and Dynamic Relational Contracts in the Oil & Gas IndustryAbstractFull textPresentation  
13.02.20Gerhard ToewsEnemies of the People


Full text




06.02.20Pavel AndreyanovSecret Reserve Prices and Uncertainty in Timber AuctionsAbstract Presentation  


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