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CInSt Research Seminars

Regular CInSt research seminars are held on Thursdays. During these seminars CInSt researchers or their foreign colleagues present and discuss their finished or prepared for publication papers.

Moderators: Leonid PolishchukElena Podkolzina and Maria Yudkevich
Coordinator: Stanislav Avdeev

19.12.19Jari ElorantaFrom Warfare to Welfare States: Fiscal Capacity and State Formation in Sweden and Finland in the Long RunAbstract
12.12.19Francisco CabreraLeave them kids alone! The positive effect of abolishing grade retention on pupils’ dropout rates: Evidence from a policy changeAbstract

Full text (PDF, 918 Kb) 

05.12.19Leonid PolishchukVoice, Exit, and Co-production. Political Economy of Citizen EngagementAbstract

Presentation (PDF, 775 Kb) 

28.11.19Inna ZayzevaThe role of social capital in national football team successAbstract
Full text (PDF, 688 Kb) 
21.11.19Hartmut LehmannIs Women's Work Devalued? Evidence from Unique Personnel Data of a Russian Firm During Transition (1990 - 2006)Abstract

Presentation (PPTX, 1.66 Mb) 

14.11.19Natalia VasilenokTechnology Adoption in Agrarian Societies: the Effect of Volga Germans in Imperial Russia Abstract

Full text (PDF, 2.22 Mb)

31.10.19Sergey PopovLeadership in Scholarship: Editors' Influence on the Profession's NarrativeAbstract

Full text (PDF, 335 Kb) 

17.10.19Elena GaberIdentical Twins or Just Cousins? Attitudes toward Immigrants, Attitudes toward Immigration and RacismAbstract
10.10.19Ivan SterligovFunding acknowledgements in the Web of Science an Scopus databases as an object of science studies: the case of RussiaAbstract
03.10.19Bernardo PincheiraPeer Effects in the Classroom: Evidence from a Natural ExperimentAbstract

Full text (PDF, 475 Kb) 

30.05.19Michele ValsecchiTo Russia with Love? The Impact of Sanctions on ElectionsAbstract
18.04.19Leonid PolishchukQuo Vadis: Institutions, Abilities, and Educational Choices. Theory and an Application to RussiaAbstract
28.03.19Alexander RubinCivic Culture vs. Apolitical Social Capital: The Case of Moscow Apartment BuildingsAbstract
14.03.19John NyeThe Universal Link Between Higher Education and Pro-Market ValuesAbstract
21.02.19Timur NatkhovAll Along the Watchtower: Defense Lines and the Origins of Russian SerfdomAbstract
07.02.19Koen SchoorsThe preservation of economic and political elites in times of transition: Evidence from RussiaAbstract


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