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CInSt Research Seminars














Regular CInSt research seminars are held on Thursdays. During these seminars CInSt researchers or their foreign colleagues present and discuss their finished or prepared for publication papers.

Coordinator: Andrey Lovakov
Place: Мoscow, 4 Slavyanskaya Square, Building 2, room 101-102

 09.02.17Fabian SlonimczykMoving On Up for High School Graduates in Russia: the Consequences of the Unified State Exam ReformAbstract
 02.03.17Ivan SmirnovSchool segregation in the digital spaceAbstract
 16.03.17Maria SemenovaBank Run in a Classroom: Do Smart Depositors Withdraw On Time?Abstract
 20.03.17 New Approaches to Social MobilityAbstract
 Gregory ClarkNature Versus Nurture in Social Outcomes. A Lineage Study of 65,000 English Individuals, 1750-2016Presentation
 John NyeSocial Mobility in the Russia of Revolutions, 1910-2015: A Surname Study 

 27.04.17Andrey Zakharov
Yulia Kouzmina
Catching the Big Fish in the Little Pond (Effect): Causal Evidence from 33 Countries and RegionsAbstract
18.05.17Paola ValbonesiPre- and Post-award outsourcing: Temporary Partnership vs Subcontracting in public procurementAbstract
01.06.17Victor RudakovThe impact of student academic achievement on graduate salaries: the case of a leading Russian universityAbstract
08.06.17Maksym Bryukhanov
Igor Fedotenkov
Religiosity and life satisfaction in Russia: evidence from RLMS-HSEAbstract
29.06.17Pavel Derkachev
Igor Fedotenkov
Gender longevity gap and socioeconomic environmentAbstract
15.09.17Giovanni De FrajaProfessorial Salaries and Research Performance in UK UniversitiesAbstract
09.11.17Evgeny OsinWhat makes them suffer?: Individual and institutional predictors of distress in French doctoral studentsAbstract
16.11.17Leonid PolishchukChronicles of a Democracy Postponed: Long-term Impact of Non-inclusive ReformAbstract
23.11.17Igor FedyukinCultural capital in an early modern elite school: The Noble Cadet Corps in St Petersburg, 1732-1762Abstract


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