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New issue of the bulletin ‘Higher Education in Russia and Beyond’

The new issue unfolds the post-Soviet story of Russian mathematics — one of the most prominent academic fields. We invited the authors who could not only present the post-Soviet story of Russian math but also those who have made a contribution to its glory.


The Saga of Russian Mathematics

Mathematical Education in Universities in the Soviet Union and Modern Russia
Sergei Lando

Reasons for the Success of the Soviet Mathematical School
Vladlen Timorin

The Impact

A Metric View on Russian Mathematics and Russian Mathematical Diaspora (A Study Based on Frequent Russian Surnames)
Vladlen Timorin, Ivan Sterligov

Math Graduates’ Career Prospects in Modern Russia
Alexander Esterov

Mathematics in Universities: Cases

Math in Moscow: Conveying Traditions of Russian Mathematical School
Yulij Ilyashenko, Irina Paramonova

Mathematical Higher Education in St. Petersburg: Challenges and Prospects
Alexander Kulikov, Nikolai Mnev, Petr Zograf

Mathematical Competitions for University Students: Experience of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Roman Karasev

Changing Traditions of Mathematical Education: BSc Program in Mathematics at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
Alexander Esterov, Vladlen Timorin

Undergraduate Mathematical Education at St. Petersburg State University: Old Traditions and New Developments
Yury Belov, Victor Petrov, Stanislav Smirnov