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25 September 2015

Higher Education in Russia and Beyond 3(5) Fall 2015

Higher Education in Russia and Beyond  team is proud to present the  5th  issue of a bulletin that is aimed at bringing current Russian, Central Asian and Eastern European educational trends to the attention of the international higher education research community.

14 September 2015

Young People Migrate to Cities with Good Reputation

The opportunity to find an interesting and well-paid job, a comfortable socio-cultural environment, and friendly and professional contacts in the new location are all essential factors for graduates of universities from Russian regions who are planning to move to another city. Saida Ziganurova , Research Assistant at the HSE Center for Institutional Studies, studied the migration potential among young professionals.

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The Center for Institutional Studies (CInSt) was established in 2010 with the goal of creation of a scientific center in the field of institutional economics as a part of an international cooperation network, and promoting international standards of research. We provide conditions and incentives for young and talented university graduates to participate in both scientific and teaching activities at the HSE. Our professional interests are focused on institutional analysis of different markets and sectors of the economy, among them are education, procurement, banking, non-profit organizations.